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If you have problems with your profile or your subscription please contact the helpdesk from the link on the menu above. For other queries you can contact us by the email address below or by WhatsApp messenger.

Please DO NOT call us, write to us, send us a WhatsApp or Telegram message asking for details of Swingers parties and clubs.

All the clubs and parties we are aware of in Newfoundland and Labrador are listed on Newfoundland and Labrador swingers clubs

We do not do personal introductions, or give out the personal contact details of our members.

We do not engage in phone sex. We only arrange to meet people if they first visit and read our personal site at Please make sure that before you contact us we are what you are looking for AND that you are what we are looking for.

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Newfoundland & Labrador Swingers Contacts
Box 1126
New Brunswick
Canada E6J 1R4

WhatsApp: +1 506 784 7337
Email: [email protected]